Voice & Data Integration

Voice, Data and Wireless Communications

At Coxcom we specialize in the design, installation, service and maintenance of all types of voice, data, and wireless communications. We provide quality installation and solutions, extensive levels of service and technical advice.

The foundation of every successful high-performance network is built upon a solid structured cabling infrastructure. However, structured cabling is often dismissed in the early stages of design and budget planning because it is not something visible once completed. Some industry statistics show that over half of a networks outages and poor performance are caused at the physical layer of the network.

At Coxcom we provide an industry leading approach to the design, installation and support for structured cabling systems and solutions. We can ensure your networks performance or uptime is NOT compromised by a faulty design or installation for your application.

As a service oriented company we provide efficient installations from the small office additions, moves, adds and changes, to a campus wide installation. All of our projects are supervised by experienced managers, with an emphasis on service, quality, schedule and cost.

All of which is completely backed by our Quality Assurance Guarantee.

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Infrastructure Solutions & Services

  • Category 5E, 6 & 10Gig Copper Solutions
  • Fiber Optics, Campus & Office Installations
  • Racking, Data Cabinets, Cable Management, Cable Tray
  • UPS
  • Quality Assurance Guarantee
  • Ongoing Moves, Adds and Changes ( MAC’s)

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