One Stop Shopping

communication iconsThe notion that vendors and suppliers should stick to what they are good at is nothing new.  In our industries this practice creates the niches and service offerings that content providers, deployment specialists,  and manufacturers fill for solution providers and management firms.  These firms that consolidate all the partners and contributors into an overall solution go to end-users and present one-stop shopping solutions.  “One- throat to choke” is the common  vernacular used to depict this business condition.  Ideally, and typically, projects end with “one hand to shake” when the contributing partners and contributors work hard to present the unified front.

Sticking to what one is good at is a sound business practice, but it should not preclude companies from developing new areas of expertise.  Coxcom has always led with professional installation services for digital signage networks.

We used to offer to coordinate electrical and advanced cabling requirements and contractors if necessary.  Three years ago we undertook to move from coordination of electrical services to supplying the services.  Electrical services are now entrenched as a core competency. Recently the need to establish a stronger capability on structured cabling and fiber optics was identified and we moved to acquire the skill set and people on both the management side, and the field side.

The ability to confidently offer a level of service and quality on adjunct services streamlines project execution and coordination.  The fewer moving parts the better.