Project Reviews

Project ReviewsAs deployment specialists  we use Project Reviews  to evaluate project successes and areas of improvement post-deployment.  Projects that are considered a success meet the obvious criteria of “on-budget and on-time”, but there are further elements that serve to ensure the best results on projects of all sizes and types. Highly successful projects usually feature the following:

  • Early and sufficient preplanning
  • Tested technical design
  • Confirmed equipment availabilities and life cycles
  • Full scope of work
  • Clear channels and protocols for communication
  • Coordination of participant’s timelines and deliverables
  • An efficient mechanism for scope changes and approvals
  • Project milestones
  • Clear identification of reporting lines and  procedures
  • Proper resourcing regarding skill sets and manpower

The greater the level of execution on the above elements, the better the result for all of the stakeholders.  It is infinitely better to identify potential  pinch points and challenges in advance of deployment. The Project Review  identifies the degree of success on those elements and ultimately can create a path for continued success on projects large and small.

Long term reputations for  credibility and professionalism are directly tied to the repeated success  of the agencies,  manufacturers,  solution providers, integrators  involved in the projects we undertake together.