Hot Summer Ahead in DOOH

The Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a cooler, rainier summer in most parts of Canada this year. This will be offset by what is already emerging to be one of the hottest, sunniest summers in the DOOH world from the perspective of project deployments.

Cinema Coxcom has a number of national projects in the budding stage…for full bloom in the summer. The projects include next-phase projects the Clothing Retail and Banking sectors as well as new projects across several channels, including Recreation, Petroleum and Employee-facing Digital Signage.

Video- Wall projects or all descriptions continue to sprout up as well, with the size of the walls and the creativity of the projects become more interesting and challenging.

A key challenge in the deployment side of our industry is forecasting and planning for the summer ramp up of field manpower, project management and support staff, including allowances for vacations, and the unpredictable, but always welcome “hurry up and wait” projects that suddenly get green lighted.

This planning takes place in the previous fall season, as clients begin to make inquiries about capability and capacity. Since we support so many projects, from such a wide range of clients, we have to constantly monitor our “depth chart” to ensure qualified staff is available when it is needed across Canada.