Coxcom Inc Celebrates 15 Years in Business

Coxcom Inc celebrated 15 years in business  on April 1.  Coxcom is an industry pioneer on the deployment side of the North American Digital Signage industry . On April 1st 1998 Steve Cockell sat at his dining room table making phone calls as the only employee of the newly created Coxcom Inc.  The company was conceived to fill a gap in the Commercial Satellite industry – that of a small but nimble service and installation arm for network owners and solution providers.

In short order, the style and quality of Coxcom work caught the attention of some of the biggest network operators in the industry.  Projects of national scope resulted in rapid growth and expansion of the services provided by Coxcom – a larger facility with warehouse, logistics and expanded administrative capacity followed suit.

Some of the earliest deployments for what would emerge as the “Digital Signage” industry were piloted by Coxcom using CRT TVs, then plasma displays, and eventually LCD Displays, in larger and more complex projects.   Coxcom invested in expanding the skill set of our affiliate network to encompass the need for regional and national Digital Signage deployment with great success.

After 15 years, Coxcom is the partner of choice on many of the most-high profile DOOH projects in Canada from Cinema to Financial Services to QSR to Large Recreation facilities.

The next few years will see an amazing growth in the diversity and creativity of deployed technologies in  nanolumens, LED,  projection, interactive applications, video walls and arrays, and fixturing.  Coxcom is once again an important partner on the deployment of these new technologies.