“Installation” Companies Do More Than Install

The Digital Signage installation company does much more than install physical systems. Coxcom is more accurately described as a Technology Deployment company.

Equipment Rack
Coxcom Inc has several areas of expertise and experience that can be leveraged to support technology initiatives in Digital Signage, Audio and Satellite channels. Coxcom is positioned to maximize the impact of various solution providers’ offerings in retail, hospitality, QSR and other sectors.

North America-Wide Installation Capability

Coxcom has been installing Satellite, Digital Signage and A/V Systems in all Canadian markets for 13 years. We have installed in all business sectors including government, transportation, retail, recreation, petroleum, call centres, hospitality, QSR, gaming, and entertainment.

Coxcom Digital Signage deployments range from traditional LCD display mounting and networking, to projection systems with standard screens and optical film applications, and kiosk and custom manufactured presentation systems.

Our partner in the US is Multiband. Multiband supports projects for Four Winds Interactive, Avnet, Context Media, Accent Health, N.E.W., Ping HD, Spyeworks and others.

Professional Technical Personnel

All Coxcom approved installation personnel have business insurance and are insured with the relevant workplace safety insurance board in their given jurisdiction. Our technicians have the appropriate fall arrest, person-lift, and WHMIS training as required.

Coxcom Head Office quality assurance processes include inspection of post-work photographs and reports, field inspections, field training, detailed scope of work for each project, and client specific training and safety instruction.

Central and Regional Project Management

Project management is centralised in Mississauga to ensure that the creation and execution of specific project parameters is consistent. Coxcom has dedicated personnel assigned to projects with cross-training of other personnel to ensure coverage during absences.

Equipment Procurement

Coxcom has the ability to determine project equipment requirements and to procure necessary Digital Signage and Audio equipment in the areas of displays, mounting systems, network and cabling systems, speakers, amplifiers, and content carriage interfaces like DSL and Satellite connections.

Custom Design and Procurement

Coxcom has a national field capability to survey specific sites and create recommendations where a standard mounting or presentation solution is not viable. We have relationships with custom shops that can fabricate mounting solutions and Coxcom has the ability to create some custom mounting solutions in-house.

For applications where decorative treatments for LCDs or mounting systems is required, we have a track record with established firms to create the treatments and install them correctly.

Logistics and Inventory Management

Coxcom has a central administration for logistics and inventory management, regardless of whether the inventory is client or Coxcom-owned. The logistics and inventory system can be adapted to conform to project requirements and client demand. We can interface at the simplest or most complex level. We have some capacity to interface with client software systems. Coxcom’s central system can manage inventory in field warehouses and technical vehicles. We have a large capacity for intake, warehousing, kitting, prepping and shipping hardware.

Central and Regional Warehousing

Coxcom has a Mississauga head office facility-based warehousing capability for short and long-term requirements. We have the ability to warehouse regionally in various capacities based on location, and the ability to secure short-term rental warehousing as required in smaller markets.

We are ensured against loss or damage to client-owned equipment and as part of our inventory and logistic system, can manage warehoused equipment for cost effectiveness.

North America wide service capability and SLAs

Coxcom supports service requests and SLAs across North America. Service offerings vary from 4-6 hour response to 2-5 day response depending on application and location. Coxcom can reach over 85% of current client sites in 1-6 hours.

Coxcom will work on ad-hoc agreements based on service calls, or on monthly service contracts. Service agreements are well defined and performance reviews are critical.

RFP Vetting and Response

Coxcom will support bidders in the evaluation of RFPs for suitability for response. We will also support in the creation the Coxcom-relevant sections of RFP responses as a bidding partner or “white-label” partner.

Preferred Pricing

Coxcom has the national scope to identify areas where cost savings through preferred pricing on labour and materials may be realised. Coxcom is also able to offer common pricing on most national projects to ease the budgeting challenges of end-users.

Documentation and Reporting

  • Statements of work and detailed work orders
  • Service request tickets
  • Detailed site survey documents (where required)
  • Post-install completion reports (with relevant drawings/photos)
  • Quality control checklists
  • On site-time and work executed reports for installation and service
  • Written product specifications and recommendations
  • Firm quotations
  • Detailed invoicing and statements
  • Real time reporting on service and installation timelines (via customer portal as requested)
  • All inventory and warehousing documentation as required.

Disposal of Equipment

Coxcom is currently works with clients to establish the best-practices for disposal of electronic equipment and other equipment removed from worksites such as metal and cardboard.

The proper disposal of old equipment and “green” handling of materials is becoming more high-profile.

Liability Coverage and Training

Coxcom carries full insurance with $5,000,000 in liability coverage per incident. Insurance certificates are available. Coxcom technicians are WHMIS trained, hold fall arrest and lift truck certification, and are bondable.